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Biotin peg linkers are useful tools in nonradioactive purification, detection, immobilization, labeling, and targeting. The interaction affinity between biotin (vitamin H) and avidin is one the strongest. It allows biotin-containing molecules rapidly and discretely bound with avidin conjugates. The formed complex becomes stable under extreme pH, temperature, organic solvents and other denaturing agents.

AxisPharm provide a wide range of biotinylation reagents with various functional groups. A number of factors that must be carefully considered when determining the right biotinylation reagent to use, including solubility, spacer length, reversibility and Functional group.

Our Biotin PEG linkers increase reagent and conjugate solubility and minimize toxic and immunological effects. The mono dispersed PEG linker also offers our client precise control of the spacer length for conjugate function optimization of specific biotin-binding assays involving streptavidin, avidin and other avidin Proteins.

Catalog# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
Biotin Linkers
AP10754endo-BCN-PEG3-Biotin550.71≥95% Pricing
AP107085-TAMRA Acid430.46≥95% Pricing
AP107076-TAMRA Acid430.46≥95% Pricing
AP10673Biotinyl tyramide363.48≥95% Pricing
AP10507Biotin-amine286.39≥95% Pricing
AP10491Biotin-LC357.47≥95% Pricing
AP10497Biotin-LC-Hydrazide371.5≥95% Pricing
AP10495Biotin-SLC427.6≥95% Pricing
AP10496Biotin-SLC-NHS Ester524.67≥95% Pricing
AP10493Biotin-LC-LC470.63≥95% Pricing
AP10675DMT-Biotin546.68≥95% Pricing
AP10674DMT-Biotin-C6 Phosphoramidite847.06≥95% Pricing
AP10697endo-BCN-carbamido-PEG3-amido-Biotin594.76≥95% Pricing
AP10672DMTR-biotin-PEG3-(2-cyanoethyl) diisopropylphosphoramidite878.08≥95% Pricing
AP10494Biotin-LC-LC-NHS Ester567.7≥95% Pricing
AP10676DMTR-biotin-PEG3-amine676.87≥95% Pricing
AP10492Biotin-LC-NHS Ester454.54≥95% Pricing
AP10498Biotin-NH-CH2CH2-S-S-Pyr412.59≥95% Pricing
AP10489Biotin-NHS Ester341.38≥95% Pricing
AP10499Biotin-ONP365.4≥95% Pricing
AP11184NThiol-SS-biotin504.64≥95% Pricing
AP11183Biotin-bisamido-SS-NHS575.71≥95% Pricing
AP11185Sulfo-NThiol-SS-biotin606.67≥95% Pricing
AP10303DBCO-Biotin502.63≥95% Pricing
AP11069DBCO-PEG4-Desthiobiotin719.88≥95% Pricing