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AxisPharm is a leading biotechnology company with focuses on bioanalytical service and proteomics, ADC linker, and bioconjugation technologies. We are committed to providing customized comprehensive solutions to our clients’ projects with the best quality.

ADC Linkers and Bioconjugation Services

AxisPharm is a world leading provider for TCO, BCN, DBCO, and Tetrazine linkers for applications in bioconjugation, fluorescent imaging, drug delivery, PET/SPECT imaging, radiochemistry, or drug target identification.

A comprehensive library of mono dispersed PEG linkers in stock for bioconjugation, drug delivery, and surface modification – Azide PEG, Maleimide PEG, Amine PEG,  Aminooxy PEG, PEG Acid, PEG NHS Ester etc.

AxisPharm is a leading provider for click chemistry tools. We provide a diversified collection of TCO, DBCO, BCN, tetrazine, azide, and alkyne linkers to facilitate your bioconjugation research. We also provide customized click chemistry linkers.

AxisPharm provides our clients with customized small peptide linkers that undergo enzyme specific cleavage. Our peptide linkers cover Val-Cit Linkers, Ala-Ala-Asn, and PEG conjugated Val-Cit and Ala-Ala-Asn, etc.

AxisPharm offers a large collection of Folate-PEG linkers, Biotin-PEG linkers, and Peptide PEG linkers for target oriented bioconjugation research.

AxisPharm offers integrated services for ADCs including linkers, payloads, conjugation, and formulation development with essential analytical characterization of key quality attributes.

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