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Biotin peg linkers(reagents) are useful biotinylation reagents in nonradioactive purification, detection, immobilization, labeling, and targeting. The interaction affinity between biotin (vitamin H) and avidin is one the strongest. It allows biotin-containing molecules rapidly and discretely bound with avidin conjugates. The formed complex becomes stable under extreme pH, temperature, organic solvents and other denaturing agents.

AxisPharm provide a wide range of biotinylation reagents with various functional groups. A number of factors that must be carefully considered when determining the right biotinylation reagent to use, including solubility, spacer length, reversibility and Functional group.

Our Biotin PEG linkers increase reagent and conjugate solubility and minimize toxic and immunological effects. The mono dispersed PEG linker also offers our client precise control of the spacer length for conjugate function optimization of specific biotin-binding assays involving streptavidin, avidin and other avidin Proteins.

Biotin PEG
Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP13123BCN-PEG2-Biotin550.71≥95% Pricing
AP13124BCN-PEG3-Biotin594.77≥95% Pricing
Biotin acid PEG
AP10513Biotin-PEG2-acid403.50≥95% Pricing
AP10514Biotin-PEG3-acid447.55≥95% Pricing
AP10515Biotin-PEG4-acid491.60≥95% Pricing
AP10516Biotin-PEG6-acid579.71≥95% Pricing
AP10517Biotin-PEG8-acid667.81≥95% Pricing
AP10518Biotin-PEG9-acid711.87≥95% Pricing
AP10519Biotin-PEG12-acid844.02≥95% Pricing
AP10520Biotin-PEG24-acid1372.65≥95% Pricing
AP11030Biotin-PEG36-acid1901.3≥95% Pricing
Biotin alcohol PEG
AP10500Biotin-PEG2-alcohol331.43≥95% Pricing
AP10501Biotin-PEG3-alcohol375.49≥95% Pricing
AP10502Biotin-PEG4-alcohol419.54≥95% Pricing
AP10503Biotin-PEG6-alcohol507.64≥95% Pricing
AP10504Biotin-PEG8-alcohol595.75≥95% Pricing
AP10505Biotin-PEG10-alcohol683.85≥95% Pricing
AP10506Biotin-PEG12-alcohol771.96≥95% Pricing
Biotin aldehyde PEG
AP10076Biotin-PEG2-CH2-aldehyde373.47≥95% Pricing
AP10078Biotin-PEG2-aldehyde387.50≥95% Pricing
Biotin alkyne PEG
AP11056Biotin-PEG4-alkyne457.59≥95% Pricing
AP11055Biotin-PEG2-C4-alkyne468.61≥95% Pricing
AP11057Biotin-Alkyne528.67≥95% Pricing
AP11060N-(Propargyl-PEG4)-biocytin614.76≥95% Pricing
AP11058Dde Biotin-PEG4-alkyne650.83≥95% Pricing

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