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APDye Fluor 532(AF532, Alexa Fluor 532 Equivalent) is a yellow-fluorescent dye with excitation ideally suited for the frequency-doubled Nd:YAG laser line. APDye Fluor 532 conjugates exhibit an excitation maximum at 532 nm and emission maximum at 554 nm. APDye Fluor 532 is pH-insensitive over a wide molar range, helping ensure that you get stable signals in live-cell imaging applications. It is usually used in multicolor applications, including super-resolution microscopy using dSTORM.

APDye Fluor 532

Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP12422APDye 532 Alkyne651.66≥95% Pricing
AP15247APDye 532 carboxylic acid702.88≥95% Pricing
AP12419APDye 532 NHS Ester723.8≥95% Pricing
AP12424APDye 532 Azide738.79≥95% Pricing
AP12420APDye 532 Maleimide790.90 (protonated)≥95% Pricing
AP12423APDye 532 Picolyl Azide816.82≥95% Pricing
AP12664APDye 532 Azide Plus834.88 (protonated)≥95% Pricing
AP12421APDye 532 DBCO872.92≥95% Pricing

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