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Polyethylene glycol (PEG) lipid linkers are PEG derivatives containing lipid molecules such as DSPE, which have been used extensively to improve circulation times for liposome-encapsulated drugs.
Lipid PEG reagents are used in bioconjugation, drug formulation and nanoparticle delivery.
AxisPharm now offers an extensive group of PEG-lipid linkers incorporating various functionalized PEG termini, like Amine, Carboxylic acid, Azide, Aldehyde, Thiol, and Hydroxy.

Lipid PEG
  • DSPE-PEG-azide
  • DSPE-PEG-propargyl
  • Lipid-PEG-DBCO
  • Lipid-PEG-acid
  • Lipid-PEG-peptide
Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP10980DSPE-PEG5-azide1065.42≥95% Pricing
AP10051DSPE-PEG5-propargyl1034.39≥95% Pricing
AP10763(R)-2,6-Bis-(m-PEG4)-amidohexanoic acid582.68≥95% Pricing
AP10868(S)-2,6-Bis-(m-PEG8)-amidohexanoic acid967.10≥95% Pricing
AP10700Oleic-DBCO540.78≥95% Pricing
AP10812N’-Boc-N-(Gly-Oleoyl)-Lys567.80≥95% Pricing
AP10314Oleoyl-Gly-Lys-(m-PEG11)-amine965.32≥95% Pricing

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