AxisPharm develops a broad range of Linkers and provide custom linker synthesis. Our current product catalog covers click chemistry tools such as DBCO, tetrazine, TCO, BCN and cycloprpene etc., biotin linkers, PEG linkers, peptide linkers, glucuronide linkers, photo cleavable linkers, dye probe linkers and folic acid peg linkers.

Copper Free Click Chemistry Linkers

AxisPharm is a world leading provider for TCO, BCN, DBCO, and Tetrazine linkers for applications in bioconjugation, fluorescent imaging, drug delivery, PET/SPECT imaging, radiochemistry, or drug target identification.

PEG Linkers PEG Reagents

A comprehensive library of mono dispersed PEG linkers in stock for bioconjugation, drug delivery, and surface modification – Azide PEG, Maleimide PEG, Amine PEG, Aminooxy PEG, PEG Acid, PEG NHS Ester etc.

Click Chemistry Tools

Click chemistry Tools are widely used to attach probes or substrates to specific biomolecules. It has been widely used in pharmacological and various biological applications.

Peptide Linkers

AxisPharm provides our clients with customized small peptide linkers that undergo enzyme specific cleavage. Our peptide linkers cover Val-Cit Linkers, Ala-Ala-Asn, and PEG conjugated Val-Cit and Ala-Ala-Asn, etc.

Target Specific Linkers

AxisPharm offers a large collection of Folate-PEG linkers, Biotin-PEG linkers, and Peptide PEG linkers for target oriented bioconjugation research.

Fluorescent Probes Fluorescent Dye

AxisPharm offers integrated services for ADCs including linkers, payloadsconjugation, and formulation development with essential analytical characterization of key quality attributes.

Biotin Linkers

Biotin peg linkers are useful tools in nonradioactive purification, detection, immobilization, labeling, and targeting. The interaction affinity between biotin (vitamin H) and avidin is one the strongest.

Site Specific Probes

Site Specific Probes can detect structural changes in proteins and the interaction of proteins with other macromolecules.

PEG Linkers

Over 3,000 high purity PEG reagents kept in stock to empower your PEGylation, bioconjugation, crosslinking, ADC drug development, biolabeling for pharmaceutical and biotech R&D.