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Biotin-PEG-Azide is a versatile chemical compound that has gained significant attention in drug research and development due to its unique functional groups. Biotin-PEG-Azide belongs to a class of molecules known as PEGylated compounds, which consist of polyethylene glycol (PEG) chains attached to a biotin molecule and an azide functional group.

The azide functional group is particularly useful in drug development because it allows for the attachment of other molecules, such as fluorescent dyes or biomolecules, to the biotin-PEG-Azide compound through click chemistry reactions. This property has made biotin-PEG-Azide a popular tool in drug research, where it is used to label and track specific biological targets, such as proteins and enzymes.

Furthermore, biotin-PEG-Azide is also used in diagnostics and bioconjugation applications, where it can selectively target and bind to specific biological molecules. These properties make biotin-PEG-Azide a powerful tool in drug research and development, as well as in other fields such as molecular biology and biochemistry.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP10534Biotin-PEG2-Azide400.50≥95% Pricing
AP11042Biotin-PEG2-azide400.5≥95% Pricing
AP12584Desthiobiotin Azide414.5≥95% Pricing
AP10535Biotin-PEG3-Azide444.55≥95% Pricing
AP10536Biotin-PEG4-Azide488.60≥95% Pricing
AP11045Biotin-PEG2-C6-azide513.66≥95% Pricing
AP10537Biotin-PEG5-Azide532.66≥95% Pricing
AP11043Biotin-PEG6-azide576.71≥95% Pricing
AP12675Biotin Azide Plus582.72≥95% Pricing
AP11046Biotin-Azide615.79≥95% Pricing
AP11044Biotin-PEG7-azide620.76≥95% Pricing
AP12603Biotin Picolyl Azide622.74≥95% Pricing
AP11047Biotin-PEG4-Picolyl azide622.74≥95% Pricing
AP11051N-(Azido-PEG4)-biocytin645.77≥95% Pricing
AP13554Biotin-PEG8-azide664.8≥98% Pricing
AP12592Dde Biotin Azide695.88≥95% Pricing
AP11048Dde Biotin-PEG4-azide695.88≥95% Pricing
AP11050Diazo Biotin-PEG3-azide711.84≥95% Pricing
AP11053UV Cleavable Biotin-PEG2-Azide781.93≥95% Pricing
AP10538Biotin-PEG11-Azide796.97≥95% Pricing
AP11049Dde Biotin-PEG4-Picolyl azide815.99≥95% Pricing
AP11052PC Biotin-PEG3-azide825.94≥95% Pricing
AP12676Dde Biotin Azide Plus834.05≥95% Pricing
AP11054DADPS Biotin Azide886.19≥95% Pricing
AP12614Fluorescein Biotin Azide1138.23≥95% Pricing
AP10539Biotin-PEG23-Azide1325.62≥95% Pricing

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