Post translational modifications are important in biological processes and mass spectrometers are becoming the instruments of choice for the detection and characterization of PTMs. Mass spectrometers have the capability to characterize most fixed mass modification that are stable in proteins. These include protein acetylation, ubiquitination, methylation and phosphorylation. 


AxisPharm ProteoMS service enables the identification, localization and quantitation of post-translational modifications on a protein using enzymes of client’s choice to maximize sequence coverage of the target protein.

General Steps

  • Sample preparation: In-gel digestion with various enzymes.
  • LC-MS/MS: 3 x 0.5hr LC-MS/MS
  • Data analysis: Protein and PTM identification, Protein visualization and validation and PTM Validation is performed.
  • Percentage occupancy can be approximated
  • Report generation: PDF/Excel/html format

The turnaround time is 1-3 weeks.


  • Report containing sample details, methods and a data summary.
  • A report with Excel/html format containing the detailed qualitative and quantitative protein identification data.
  • Raw data can be provided upon request for your own deeper data mining.

An example report is available upon request.