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Advantages of Analytical Laboratory Services at AxisPharm

Analytical Testing, Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, De-formulation, Contaminant Quantification, Failure Analysis, and more. Call us at 858-677-9432.

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R apid (ultrafast turnaround)
E conomical (better service, lower cost)
A ccurate (high resolution, precision, sensitivity)
C omprehensive (small molecules / polymers / biologics – purity, identity, DMPK)
H onest (confidential, reliable, fair)

REACH for AxisPharm Laboratories!

Analytical Services at AxisPharm Laboratories

  • Consultation for analytical lab setup, troubleshooting, and method development
  • Refurbishment of used lab equipment
  • Sales of high-quality analytical instruments with installation and warranty
  • Modification, customization, and development of chemical analytical systems

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