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Bioconjugation is the process of linking molecules/polymers or biomolecules/biopolymers together by covalent bonds. Conjugation can enhance drug efficacy by improving pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties and by reducing plasma protein binding. For instance, introducing polyethylene glycol (PEG) or polysaccharide reduces toxicity and improves solubility and stability.

AxisPharm offer our clients with affordable and high quality custom bioconjugation service that covers:

Our bio conjugation service delivers affordable and high-quality custom bioconjugation service, using combinations of payloads, linkers, and conjugation methods.

  • Cysteine-based conjugation
  • Lysine-based conjugation
  • Thio-engineered antibody
  • Carbohydrate-based conjugation
  • Unnatural amino acids-based conjugation (product: amino peg)

Analytical – AxisPharm has the analytical tools and experience that are critical for this field. We are equipped with sophisticated mass spectrometers for small and large molecules to analyze and quantify protein, antibody and their conjugates. We routinely use high resolution mass spectrometer on real time analysis of drug-antibody ratio for bioconjugation synthesis, process optimization and quality control. Please click for real time analysis case study.

Synthetic Chemistry and Biology Expertise – AxisPharm has a large collection of ADC linker, such as PEG linker, Peptide Linker, Sugar Liner, Dye Probe in stock and has extensive experience in synthesis, purification and characterization of both small and large molecules to support bioconjugation R&D.

Tang, Y., Tang, F., Yang, Y. et al. Real-Time Analysis on Drug-Antibody Ratio of Antibody-Drug Conjugates for Synthesis, Process Optimization, and Quality Control. Sci Rep 7, 7763 (2017).

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