Proteomics Services

Comprehensive Proteomics Services and Protein Analysis Service

AxisPharm ProteoMS proteomics services cover:

  1. Intact Protein Analysis
  2. Label Free Protein Identification/Quantification/Sequencing
  3. Post Translational Modification analysis (PTM)
  4. Tandum Mass Tag (TMT) Proteomics Analysis
  5. Biomarker discovery and validation
  6. Customized protein complex characterizations.
  7. ITRAQ based protein quantification.

At this time, AxisPharm proteomics labs have two Maldi-TOF, Maldi-TOF/TOF and five LC-MS systems – one ion trap, three triple quads, one benchtop Orbitrap and one hybrid LTQ-Orbitrap available for protein science applications. Software resources include instrument-specific packages Xcalibur, Analyst, ChemStation; proteomics software MaxQuant, Mascot and Peaks Studio.

For a comprehensive price list, please check proteomics cost. For project based quote, please contact us.

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