Comprehensive Proteomics Services

Our services cover protein identification, quantification, protein sequencing, post translational modification analysis, biomarker discovery and validation, and customized protein complex characterizations.

At this time, we have two Maldi-TOF, Maldi-TOF/TOF and five LC-MS systems – one ion trap, three triple quads, one benchtop Orbitrap and one hybrid LTQ-Orbitrap available for protein science applications. Software resources include instrument-specific packages Xcalibur, Analyst, ChemStation; proteomics software Mascot and Peaks.

Our routine mass spec and proteomic services include molecular weight determination, MSn, LC-MS, high resolution MS, Maldi-TOF intact protein analysis, protein identification by proteolytic digest, nano LC-MS/MS and database search, protein quantification via label free, TMT and ITRAQ based protein quantification, standard and long column capillary chromatography, and more.

Protein In-gel: These services include:in-gel reduction, alkylation, protease digestion, LC MS/MS analysis,database search.Excel report includes identified proteins and peptides list. LC gradient length depends on sample complexity.

Protein In-solution: These services include: protein clean-up, reduction, alkylation, protease digestion, LC MS/MS analysis, database search.Excel report includes identified proteins and peptides list. LC gradient length depends on sample complexity.

Label Free Quantification: These services include:sample clean up, protease digestion, LC MS/MS analysis, database search, and protein ID by Proteome Discovered and quantification by MaxQuant based on MS 1 peak area.

These services include: sample clean up, protease digestion, fractionation (8 fractions) based on hydrophobicity,1-2 hours LC MS/MS analysis for each fraction, protein ID by proteome Discovered and quantification by Maxquant based on ratios of isotopic tags.

These services include:sample preparation, LC MS/MS analysis, database search to localize PTMs on specific sites (amino acids). PTM enrichment is optional.

Proteins must be eluted from beads before submission.Control samples are recommended to be submitted.These services include protein clean up, protease digestion, LC MS/MS analysis, and database search. In data report, non-specific binding proteins will be removed from the list of protein of interest based on control sample and public database. Protein interaction map is included in data report. Label free quantification could be included by request with extra charge.

This service includes protein clean up and direct infusion to orbitrap MS with resolving power up to 140,000 at m/z 200. Pure proteins (no detergent, no buffer, no salts) are preferred for short turn around time.

For comprehensive price list, please check pricing for proteomics. For project based quote, please contact us.



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