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Biotin-NHS Ester is a widely used chemical compound in drug research and development. It belongs to the class of functional groups known as esters, which are important building blocks in the synthesis of numerous drugs and pharmaceuticals.

Biotin-NHS Ester is a derivative of biotin, a water-soluble B-vitamin that is essential for cell growth and metabolism. Biotin-NHS Ester is a reactive ester that can be easily conjugated with primary amine groups in proteins, peptides, and other biomolecules, making it a useful tool for studying biological processes and interactions.

In drug research and development, Biotin-NHS Ester is commonly used for protein labeling and purification, as well as for studying protein-protein interactions and drug-target interactions. Its unique properties make it an attractive choice for drug discovery and development, as it allows for the identification and characterization of potential drug targets and candidates.

Biotin-NHS Ester

Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP12608Desthiobiotin NHS Ester311.34≥95% Pricing
AP10489Biotin-NHS Ester341.38≥95% Pricing
AP10492Biotin-LC-NHS Ester454.54≥95% Pricing
AP10496Biotin-SLC-NHS Ester524.68≥95% Pricing
AP10494Biotin-LC-LC-NHS Ester567.70≥95% Pricing

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