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PEG NHS ester linkers have been widely usded for crosslinking or labeling peptides and proteins. They readily react with primary amine groups at the N-terminus of polypeptide chains and lysine amino groups. These primary amines exist predominantly on the outside surfaces of protein and are readily accessible to NHS ester for bioconjugations. In addition, these primary amines are nucleophilic enough to react with PEG-NHS esters for protein crosslinking and labeling.

The functional groups on the other end of the linkers provide protein scientist opportunities for further conjugation with other biomolecules or drug targets.

Incorporating a PEG spacer can dramatically improve the solubility of the linker and make them ideal for ADC conjugations as most of the process take place in aqueous media.

AxisPharm maintain a large collection of high quality PEG NHS ester linkers for our clients to select. For custom synthesis of ADC linkers, please contact us. 

NHS ester PEG
  • Acid-PEG-NHS ester
  • m-PEG-succinimidyl carbonate
  • t-Butoxycarbonyl-PEG-NHS ester
  • SPDP-PEG-NHS ester
  • Bis-PEG-NHS
  • Azido-PEG-NHS ester
  • Azido-PEG-CH2CO2-NHS
  • Azido-PEG-aminoacetic acid-NHS ester
  • Azido-PEG-succinimidyl carbonate
  • Fmoc-PEG-NHS ester
  • Fmoc-NMe-PEG-NHS ester
  • Fmoc-aminooxy-PEG-NHS ester
  • m-PEG-NHS ester
  • Mal-PEG-NHS ester
  • Propargyl-PEG-NHS ester
  • Propargyl-PEG-CH2CO2-NHS
  • t-Boc-N-amido-PEG-NHS ester
  • Branched PEG NHS ester
Catalog# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
Acid-PEG-NHS ester
AP10913acid-PEG2 NHS ester303.27≥95% Pricing
AP11823Acid-PEG3-NHS ester347.32≥95% Pricing
AP11824Acid-PEG5-NHS ester435.43≥95% Pricing
AP11825Acid-PEG9-NHS ester611.64≥95% Pricing
AP11826Acid-PEG13-NHS ester787.85≥95% Pricing
AP11827Acid-PEG25-NHS ester1316.49≥95% Pricing
Azido-PEG-aminoacetic acid-NHS ester
AP11534Azido-PEG3-aminoacetic acid-NHS ester373.37≥95% Pricing
AP11528Azido-PEG1-CH2CO2-NHS242.19≥95% Pricing
AP11529Azido-PEG2-CH2CO2-NHS286.24≥95% Pricing
AP11530Azido-PEG3-CH2CO2-NHS330.3≥95% Pricing
AP11531Azido-PEG4-CH2CO2-NHS374.35≥95% Pricing
AP11532Azido-PEG5-CH2CO2-NHS418.4≥95% Pricing
AP11533Azido-PEG8-CH2CO2-NHS550.56≥95% Pricing
Azido-PEG-NHS ester
AP11522Azidoacetic acid NHS ester198.14≥95% Pricing
AP11523Azido-PEG1-NHS ester256.22≥95% Pricing
AP11524Azido-PEG2-NHS ester300.27≥95% Pricing
AP10258Azido-PEG3-NHS ester344.32≥95% Pricing
AP10259Azido-PEG4-NHS ester388.37≥95% Pricing
AP11525Azido-PEG5-NHS ester432.43≥95% Pricing
AP10260Azido-PEG6-NHS ester476.48≥95% Pricing
AP10261Azido-PEG8-NHS ester564.58≥95% Pricing
AP11526Azido-PEG9-NHS ester608.64≥95% Pricing
AP11527Azido-PEG10-NHS ester652.7≥95% Pricing

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