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APN linkers are designed to facilitate the conjugation of therapeutic agents, such as small molecules, peptides, or proteins, to a carrier molecule, such as an antibody or a nanoparticle. The resulting conjugate exhibits enhanced selectivity and efficacy in vivo, making APN linkers a promising tool for the development of targeted therapeutics.

APN linkers are characterized by the presence of two functional groups: an amino group (-NH2) and a carboxyl group (-COOH). These groups are reactive towards each other and can be coupled to form an amide bond (-CONH-) or an ester bond (-COO-). The choice of coupling chemistry depends on the nature of the therapeutic agent and the carrier molecule, as well as the desired stability and release profile of the resulting conjugate.

APN linkers have been employed in various drug delivery systems, such as antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), which are designed to selectively target and kill cancer cells. In an ADC, the therapeutic agent is conjugated to an antibody via an APN linker, which ensures the drug is delivered specifically to cancer cells expressing the target antigen. The selectivity of the conjugate reduces toxicity to healthy cells, and the release of the drug is controlled, improving efficacy.

APN Linkers

Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP10019APN amine142.16≥95% Pricing
AP10680APN-Maleimide222.20≥95% Pricing
AP119674-amino-N-(4-(2-cyanoethynyl)phenyl)butanamide227.27≥95% Pricing
AP12967APN-C2-Acid242.23≥95% Pricing
AP10684APN-C3-amine263.73≥95% Pricing
AP12966APN-C4-Bromine305.18≥95% Pricing
AP10683APN-BCN318.37≥95% Pricing
AP11966tert-butyl 3-(4-(2-cyanoethynyl)phenylcarbamoyl)propylcarbamate327.38≥95% Pricing
AP10685APN-oxyamine HCl336.77≥95% Pricing
AP12968APN-C2-NHS ester339.31≥95% Pricing
AP12969APN-C3-NHS ester353.33≥95% Pricing
AP15179APN-PEG4-azide415.44≥95% Pricing
AP15178APN-PEG4-amine425.91≥95% Pricing
AP12965APN-C3-Biotin453.56≥95% Pricing
AP12342APN-C3-PEG4-alkyne469.54≥95% Pricing
AP11573APN-C3-PEG4-azide500.56≥95% Pricing
AP13470APN-C3-PEG5-acid547.6≥98% Pricing
AP15180APN-PEG4-BCN(exo)565.66≥95% Pricing
AP15181APN-PEG4-PFP584.49≥90% Pricing
AP15182APN-PEG4-tetrazine587.63≥90% Pricing
AP15249APN-PEG4-DBCO676.76≥95% Pricing

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