Fluorometric detection typically relies on the use of an antibody that has been labeled with a fluorophore. Time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) is very similar to standard fluorometric detection. But TRF relies on the use of very specific fluorescent molecules, called lanthanide chelate labels, which allow detection of the emitted light to take place after excitation has occurred. The most commonly used lanthanide chelate label is the europium ion (Eu3+). It emits light over a longer period after excitation (microseconds as opposed to nanoseconds). This helps reduce background noise by delaying the start of the measurement until after the background signal has decayed. The measurement of assay signal using non-visible light spectra can increase dynamic range and is not limited to the same extent by saturation.


AxisPharm Europium conjugation technology can be applied to microplate-based assay or immunochromatographic assay. Our technology can provides significantly higher sensitivity in comparison with other particle-based assays. please feel free to contact us for more details.




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