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APDye Fluor 800 is a near-infrared fluorophore, a conceptually novel space-shielding NIR cyanine heptamethine dye, invisible to the naked eye, but adding staining options when using infrared imaging systems. The dye contains two shielding PEG arms directly on both sides of the heptamethyl fluorochrome, preventing any undesired bimolecular association process, resulting in a significant increase in fluorescence brightness. APDye Fluor 800 is spectrally very similar to other near-infrared dyes, including Alexa Fluor™ 790 and IRDye™ 800, DyLight 800.

APDye Fluor 800

Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP14053APDye 800 Picolyl Azide1621.83 (protonated)≥95% Pricing
AP14051APDye 800 Azide1543.80 (protonated)≥95% Pricing
AP14052APDye 800 DBCO1677.94≥95% Pricing
AP14054APDye 800Z Gly-Gly-Gly1748.15≥95% Pricing

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