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Bis-sulfone PEG, also known as polyethylene glycol bis-sulfone or PEG-bis-sulfone, is a versatile class of compounds that contain two sulfone functional groups attached to a polyethylene glycol backbone. This unique combination of functional groups provides bis-sulfone PEG with a range of chemical and physical properties that make it a valuable tool in drug research and development.

The sulfone functional group, characterized by the S=O bond, is known for its stability, reactivity, and solubility in a wide range of solvents. Meanwhile, the polyethylene glycol backbone offers biocompatibility, hydrophilicity, and the ability to modulate the physical and pharmacokinetic properties of drug molecules.

As a result, bis-sulfone PEG has been extensively used in drug research and development for various purposes, such as drug delivery, conjugation, and modification. For example, bis-sulfone PEG can be used to link two or more drug molecules to increase their efficacy, to modify the surface of drug delivery vehicles to improve their circulation time and targeting ability, or to modify the pharmacokinetics of drug molecules to reduce their toxicity and enhance their therapeutic window.

Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
Bis-sulfone Amine
AP12594Bis-sulfone Amine593.15 (HCl salt)≥95% Pricing
Bis-sulfone NHS Ester
AP12583Bis-sulfone NHS Ester597.66≥95% Pricing
AP13034Bis-sulfone-PEG4-NHS ester844.95≥95% Pricing
AP13386Bis-sulfone-PEG8-NHS Ester1021.2≥95% Pricing
AP13387Bis-sulfone-PEG12-NHS Ester1197.4≥90% Pricing
AP12582Bis-sulfone Acid500.58≥95% Pricing
AP13036Bis-sulfone-PEG4-acid747.87≥95% Pricing
AP13037Bis-sulfone-PEG8-acid924.08≥95% Pricing
AP13446Bis-sulfone-PEG12-Acid1100.3≥98% Pricing
AP13033Bis-sulfone-PEG3-azide700.83≥95% Pricing
AP13035Bis-sulfone-sulfo-PEG3-azide822.97≥95% Pricing
AP13143Bis-sulfone-PEG3-Biotin901.12≥95% Pricing
AP12593Bis-sulfone-PEG4-DBCO1006.19≥95% Pricing
AP13193Bis-Sulfone-PEG9-DBCO1226.5≥96% Pricing
AP13032Bis-sulfone-PEG4-m689.84≥95% Pricing
AP13141Bis-sulfone-PEG4-methyl-tetrazine845.98≥95% Pricing
AP14229Bis-sulfone-PEG4-TCO871.10≥95% Pricing

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