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Phosphatidylthioethanol (Ptd Thioethanol) is a phospholipid derivative that contains a thioether group (-S-) attached to the ethanolamine head group. Phospholipids are essential components of cell membranes, and they play crucial roles in maintaining membrane integrity and regulating cellular functions. The addition of a thioether group to the ethanolamine head group of Ptd Thioethanol adds a new functional group to the phospholipid molecule that can potentially interact with other molecules in a specific manner.

In pharmaceutical research and development, It has gained attention as a valuable tool for studying cell membranes and drug delivery systems. Researchers can use Ptd Thioethanol as a model phospholipid to investigate the properties of cell membranes, such as permeability and fluidity. Additionally, It can be used as a building block to develop novel liposomal drug delivery systems that have improved stability and efficacy.

The unique functional group present in Ptd Thioethanol allows for specific interactions with other molecules, making it an attractive candidate for drug development. Researchers can modify the thioether group of Ptd Thioethanol to attach targeting ligands or conjugate it with drugs to improve their pharmacokinetic properties. Furthermore, the thioether group can potentially interact with specific proteins or enzymes, making Ptd Thioethanol a promising molecule for the development of targeted therapies.

Ptd Thioethanol

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AP1440916:0 Ptd Thioethanol731≥95% Pricing

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