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TCO PEG Linkers are bioorthogonal agents for tetrazine. The cycloaddition reaction between tetrazine and trans-cyclooctene (TCO) is rapidly growing in use for bioconjugation, molecular imaging and cell-based diagnostics.

The chemoselective TCO–Tz ligation pair possess ultrafast kinetics unmatched by any other bioorthogonal ligation pair.

Hydrophobic TCOs can be masked to lose activity by hydrophobic interactions with mAb. However, pegylating TCOs with polyethylene glycol (PEG) spacers help minimize the interaction and improve the activity. In addition, PEG spacers help reduce aggregation of mAb conjugates and provide increased water solubility, reduced immunogenicity, improved pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics properties.

AxisPharm has large production capacity for high quality TCO PEG reagents with amine, aminooxy, NHS ester and acid functionality. We also provide custom synthesis of PEG linkers modified folate, biotin and fluorescent dye for biological applications.

  • TCO-PEG-Acid
  • TCO-PEG-NHS ester
  • TCO-PEG-TFP ester
  • TCO-PEG-Amine
  • TCO-PEG-biotin
  • TCO-PEG-Maleimide
  • TCO-PEG-triethoxysilane
  • TCO-PEG-peptide
  • TCO-PEG-oxyamine
  • Other-TCO-PEG
Catalog# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP10598TCO-PEG1-Br233.15≥95% Pricing
AP10601TCO-NHS Acetate281.30≥95% Pricing
AP10002TCO-PNP291.3≥95% Pricing
AP10602TCO-PEG1-Tosyl (axial)324.44≥95% Pricing
AP10039TCO PEG3 CH2CO2H359.42≥98% Pricing
AP10040TCO PEG3 CH2CONHS456.49≥98% Pricing
AP11029TCO-PEG5-BCN608.76≥95% Pricing
AP10001TCO-OH126.2≥95% Pricing
AP10033TCO-OH (equatorial)126.2≥98% Pricing
AP10034TCO-OH (axial)126.2≥98% Pricing
AP10046TCO-PEG1-OH170.25≥95% Pricing
AP10597TCO-PEG1-OH (axial)170.25≥95% Pricing
AP10679TCO-PEG1-OH (equatorial)170.25≥95% Pricing
AP10600TCO-Acetic acid184.24≥95% Pricing
AP10808TCO-PEG1-acid285.34≥95% Pricing
AP10809TCO-PEG2-acid329.39≥95% Pricing
AP10810TCO-PEG3-acid373.45≥95% Pricing
AP10100TCO-PEG4-CH2 acid403.47≥95% Pricing
AP10851TCO-carbonylamino-benzamido-PEG1 acid404.46≥95% Pricing
AP10811TCO-PEG4-acid417.5≥95% Pricing
AP10852TCO-carbonylamino-benzamido-PEG2 acid448.51≥95% Pricing
AP10098TCO-PEG5 acid461.55≥95% Pricing
AP10853TCO-carbonylamino-benzamido-PEG3 acid492.56≥95% Pricing
AP10813TCO-PEG6-acid505.61≥95% Pricing
AP10854TCO-carbonylamino-benzamido-PEG4 acid536.61≥95% Pricing

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