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MB 660R Dye is a highly sought-after chemical compound in the field of pharmaceutical research and development. Its unique properties make it an ideal candidate for a variety of applications, including use in independent stations. The compound is classified as a reactive dye, meaning it forms strong chemical bonds with other molecules, making it an effective tool for studying chemical interactions in a controlled environment.

As an organic compound, MB 660R Dye contains multiple reactive groups that allow it to bind to various functional groups in other molecules. This ability to bind to different targets makes it a valuable tool for identifying and tracking specific molecules in a complex mixture.

Pharmaceutical researchers often use MB 660R Dye in the development of new drugs, where it is used to track the distribution and metabolism of the drug within the body. By attaching the dye to the drug molecule, researchers can monitor its movement and activity, providing valuable insights into how the drug works and its potential side effects.

MB 660R Dye

Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP12550MB 660R Acid743.86 (protonated)≥95% Pricing
AP12659MB 660R Alkyne781.93 (protonated)≥95% Pricing
AP13856MB 660R Azide826.98 (protonated)≥95% Pricing
AP12552MB 660R NHS Ester840.90 (protonated)≥95% Pricing
AP12553MB 660R TFP Ester891.92 (protonated)≥95% Pricing
AP12657MB 660R DBCO1003.19≥95% Pricing

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