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Biotin PEG Amine (Biotin-PEG-NH2) is one of  PEG reagents that have  a biotin tag on one PEG end and a primary amine group on the other PEG terminus. It can be used to modify other molecules or surfaces via its reactive primary amine group. Primary amine reacts readily with NHS ester, carboxylic acids and many other functional groups. Reactions between amine and other groups allows rapid attachement of biotin tag to targeted molecules or material surfaces. Resulted biotin tag can be easily detected with avidin or streptavidinPEG linker between NH2 and Biotin offers better water solubility, flexible linker structure and enhanced stability.

AxisPharm offers a range of high purity Biotin-PEG-NH2 reagents with different linker lengths. Different kinds of PEG Reagents may be available by custom synthesis. Fast shipping.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP10507Biotin-amine286.40≥95% Pricing
AP10508Biotin-PEG2-amine374.50≥95% Pricing
AP10509Biotin-PEG3-amine418.55≥95% Pricing
AP11035Biotin-PEG3-(CH2)3-amine TFA salt446.61≥95% Pricing
AP10510Biotin-PEG4-amine462.61≥95% Pricing
AP11031Biotin-PEG5-amine506.66≥95% Pricing
AP130094-Azidobenzoylamino-PEG2-Biotin519.62≥95% Pricing
AP10511Biotin-PEG6-amine550.71≥95% Pricing
AP11032Biotin-PEG7-amine594.77≥95% Pricing
AP11033Biotin-PEG8-amine638.82≥95% Pricing
AP10676DMTR-biotin-PEG2-amine676.87≥95% Pricing
AP10512Biotin-PEG11-amine770.97≥95% Pricing
AP11034Biotin-PEG23-amine1299.61≥95% Pricing

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