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HyNic-PEG-TCO is a class of molecules used in pharmaceutical research and development for conjugation with biomolecules. These molecules contain three important functional groups: HyNic, PEG, and TCO. HyNic is a pyridine-based heterocyclic group, which can selectively react with a complementary group, such as a DIBO or TCO, through a covalent bond. PEG, or polyethylene glycol, is a hydrophilic polymer that can improve the solubility and stability of conjugated biomolecules. TCO, or trans-cyclooctene, is a strained cyclic alkene that can react with the complementary group, such as a HyNic or Tetrazine, in a bioorthogonal reaction. The combination of these three functional groups in HyNic-PEG-TCO molecules allows for precise and efficient conjugation with biomolecules, such as proteins, antibodies, and peptides, for various biomedical applications, including drug delivery, imaging, and therapy.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP10599HyNic-PEG2-TCO475.59≥95% Pricing
AP10608HyNic-PEG3-TCO535.64≥95% Pricing

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