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DSPE-PEG-Cy5 is a phospholipid-based nanoparticle that is widely used in pharmaceutical research and development. This molecule consists of three functional groups: DSPE, PEG, and Cy5. DSPE is a phospholipid that provides the nanoparticle with structural stability and allows it to interact with cell membranes. PEG, or polyethylene glycol, is a water-soluble polymer that increases the stability and biocompatibility of the nanoparticle. Cy5 is a fluorescent dye that allows for the visualization and tracking of the nanoparticle in biological systems.

The unique combination of these three functional groups makes DSPE-PEG-Cy5 an excellent tool for drug delivery, imaging, and diagnostics in pharmaceutical research and development. DSPE-PEG-Cy5 nanoparticles can be loaded with a wide range of therapeutic agents, including drugs, nucleic acids, and peptides, and can be targeted to specific cells or tissues for enhanced efficacy.

DSPE-PEG-Cy5 nanoparticles are also useful for imaging and diagnostic purposes. The fluorescent properties of the Cy5 dye allow for the visualization of the nanoparticles in biological systems, making them useful for tracking the distribution and uptake of drugs in vivo. Furthermore, the PEG coating of the nanoparticle reduces its clearance by the immune system, allowing for longer circulation times and increased imaging sensitivity.

DSPE-PEG-Cy5 is a versatile nanoparticle that has a wide range of applications in pharmaceutical research and development. Its unique combination of structural stability, biocompatibility, and imaging capabilities make it an excellent tool for drug delivery, imaging, and diagnostics.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP13657DSPE-PEG-Cy5, MW 2K2000≥95% Pricing
AP13675DSPE-PEG-Cy5, MW 3.4K3400≥95% Pricing
AP13686DSPE-PEG-Cy5, MW 5K5000≥95% Pricing

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