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Cyanine dyes, a kind of polymethine dye derivatives with amidine ion vinylogies established at both ends of the chromophore conjugates between N-N atoms, belong to organic dyes. Typical cyanine dyes are formed when two nitrogen atoms and part of the polymethine chain are part of a heterocyclic nucleus. It is composed of two nitrogen atoms as heterocyclic nuclei, and has the advantages of stable fluorescence, chemical structure of polymethine bridged chain, high molar absorption coefficient and high fluorescence quantum yield. According to the type of molecular structure, it is divided into straight chain, bridged chain, cyclobutenedione, gram ketone, etc. For labeling biomolecules such as DNA and proteins, the more common cyanine dyes are CY3, CY5, CY7 and Sulfo-CY3, sulfo-CY5, sulfo-CY7.

Cyanine Dyes
  • Cyanine3 Dye
  • Cyanine3.5 Dye
  • Cyanine5 Dye
  • Cyanine5.5 Dye
  • Cyanine7 Dye
  • Cyanine7.5
  • Sulfo Cyanine3 Dye
  • Sulfo Cyanine5 Dye
  • Sulfo-Cyanine3.5
  • sulfo-Cyanine5.5
  • sulfo-Cyanine7
  • sulfo-Cyanine7.5
Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
Cyanine3 Dye
AP12708Cyanine3 carboxylic acid493.08≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12705Cyanine3 alkyne530.14≥95% Pricing
AP12710Cyanine3 hydrazide543.57≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12707Cyanine3 azide575.19≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12463Cy3 Acid616.74≥95% Pricing
AP12706Cyanine3 amine627.73≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12712Cyanine3 NHS ester641.5≥ (95+%) Pricing
AP12713Cyanine3 NHS ester minimal dye641.50≥functional for testing Pricing
AP12711Cyanine3 maleimide666.56≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12466Cy3 Amine672.86≥95% Pricing
AP12464Cy3 NHS ester713.82≥95% Pricing
AP12714Cyanine3 tetrazine727.65≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12465Cy3 Maleimide738.87≥95% Pricing
AP12609Cy3 Tetrazine894.05≥95% Pricing
AP12709Cyanine3 DBCO902.99≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12562Cy3 Methyltetrazine908.07≥95% Pricing
AP12672Cy3 Azide Plus945.15 (protonated)≥95% Pricing
AP12696Cy3 DBCO983.18≥95% Pricing
Cyanine3.5 Dye
AP12716Cyanine3.5 carboxylic acid593.20≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12715Cyanine3.5 azide717.38≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12717Cyanine3.5 NHS ester741.62≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12718Cyanine3.5 DBCO944.97≥95% Pricing
Cyanine5 Dye
AP12722Cyanine5 carboxylic acid519.12≥95% Pricing
AP12719Cyanine5 alkyne556.18≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12724Cyanine5 hydrazide569.61≥ (95%) Pricing

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