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DBCO-acid & DBCO-PEG acid is a versatile molecule that finds applications in drug research and development. It belongs to the class of reactive PEGs, which are a group of polymers with a polyethylene glycol backbone and functional groups that allow for conjugation with a variety of molecules. DBCO-acid & DBCO-PEG acid contains two functional groups, a carboxylic acid group and a dibenzocyclooctyne (DBCO) group, that make it an attractive candidate for drug development. The carboxylic acid group can be used to introduce charged groups or linkers, while the DBCO group can be used for bioconjugation with azide-containing molecules, such as peptides or small molecules.

DBCO-acid & DBCO-PEG acid

Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP10025DBCO-acid305.33≥98% Pricing
AP10753DBCO-C5 acid319.35≥95% Pricing
AP10026DBCO-acid C6333.38≥98% Pricing
AP10299DBCO-NH-C4-acid404.46≥95% Pricing
AP11108DBCO-PEG1-acid420.47≥95% Pricing
AP10308DBCO-NH-PEG2-acid464.51≥95% Pricing
AP14196DBCO-S-S-acid468.60≥95% Pricing
AP10029DBCO-PEG3-CH2CO2H494.54≥98% Pricing
AP10309DBCO-NH-PEG3-acid508.56≥95% Pricing
AP11109DBCO-PEG4-acid552.62≥95% Pricing
AP10310DBCO-NH-PEG5-acid596.67≥95% Pricing
AP13159DBCO-PEG6-acid640.7≥95% Pricing
AP13161Sulfo DBCO-PEG3-acid659.7≥95% Pricing
AP10311DBCO-NH-PEG7-acid684.77≥95% Pricing
AP11110DBCO-PEG8-acid728.84≥95% Pricing
AP11111DBCO-PEG12-acid905.05≥95% Pricing
AP10312DBCO-NH-PEG12-acid949.09≥95% Pricing
AP13160DBCO-PEG24-acid1433.7≥95% Pricing

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