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Bis-sulfone-PEG-azide is a versatile class of compounds that contain multiple functional groups, including sulfone, polyethylene glycol (PEG), and azide. These compounds have gained significant attention in drug research and development due to their ability to modify biomolecules and enhance drug delivery.

The sulfone group in bis-sulfone-PEG-azide provides stability and allows for easy purification of the compound. The PEG moiety increases water solubility and biocompatibility, making it an attractive choice for drug delivery systems. The azide group, on the other hand, enables bioorthogonal chemistry, which is useful in selective labeling and imaging of biomolecules.

Bis-sulfone-PEG-azide can be synthesized in a straightforward manner and can be readily conjugated with a variety of biomolecules, such as peptides, nucleic acids, and proteins. These conjugates have been shown to improve drug efficacy and reduce toxicity.

Bis-sulfone-PEG-azide represents a promising class of compounds in drug research and development. Its unique combination of functional groups provides a versatile platform for the development of targeted drug delivery systems, bioconjugates, and imaging agents.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP13033Bis-sulfone-PEG3-azide700.83≥95% Pricing
AP13035Bis-sulfone-sulfo-PEG3-azide822.97≥95% Pricing

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