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Endo-BCN-PEG-acid is a molecule that belongs to the class of bioconjugation reagents. It is a bifunctional compound that contains an endocyclic strained alkene, PEG linker, and a carboxylic acid group. The endocyclic strained alkene allows for a fast and selective reaction with a variety of functional groups, such as amines, thiols, and alkenes, to form stable covalent bonds. The PEG linker, on the other hand, enhances the solubility and bioavailability of the molecule in aqueous environments. The carboxylic acid group confers an acidic pH, which is useful in drug delivery applications. Endo-BCN-PEG-acid has been widely used in pharmaceutical research and development as a tool for drug conjugation and targeted delivery.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP10610BCN-O-Acetic Acid208.26≥95% Pricing
AP13058endo-BCN-acid222.28≥95% Pricing
AP119695-endo-BCN-pentanoic acid293.36≥95% Pricing
AP13125BCN-pentanoic acid293.36≥95% Pricing
AP10613BCN-O-Acetic Acid NHS Ester305.33≥95% Pricing
AP13095BCN-PEG2-acid353.41≥95% Pricing
AP12344endo-BCN-PEG2-acid353.42≥95% Pricing
AP12345endo-BCN-PEG3-acid397.47≥95% Pricing
AP13096BCN-PEG3-acid397.47≥95% Pricing
AP10790endo-BCN-PEG4 acid441.52≥95% Pricing
AP13097BCN-PEG4-acid441.52≥95% Pricing
AP12347endo-BCN-PEG8-acid617.73≥95% Pricing
AP12348endo-BCN-PEG12-acid793.94≥95% Pricing

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