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BDP 581/591 is a boron-dipyrromethene dye (Ex=585 nm, Em=594 nm) with a conjugated olefin system with relatively long fluorescence lifetime and two-photon excitation cross section. Due to the presence of the diene system, it can react with reactive oxygen species (ROS) and produce fluorescence changes.

BDP 581/591

Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP10641BDP 581/591 carboxylic acid392.21≥95% Pricing
AP12853BDP 581/591 alkyne429.27≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12858BDP 581/591 hydrazide442.7≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12855BDP 581/591 azide474.31≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12860BDP 581/591 NHS ester489.28≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12859BDP 581/591 maleimide514.33≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12854BDP 581/591 amine526.86≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12861BDP 581/591 tetrazine575.42≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12857BDP 581/591 DBCO692.60≥ (95%) Pricing

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