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Propargyl-PEG-azide(Azide-PEG-Alkyne) contains two functional groups: an azide group (-N3) attached to one end of the PEG chain and a propargyl group (-C≡CH) attached to the other end.

The azide group is known for its ability to react with other molecules via click chemistry, a type of chemical reaction that is highly selective, efficient, and biocompatible. The propargyl group, on the other hand, can participate in a variety of chemical reactions, such as Michael addition, nucleophilic substitution, and cycloaddition. These chemical properties make propargyl-PEG-azide a valuable tool for the development of novel drug delivery systems, such as nanoparticles, micelles, and hydrogels.

Propargyl-PEG-azide has been used in a variety of applications in pharmaceutical research and development. For example, it can be used to conjugate drugs, peptides, or proteins to the PEG chain via click chemistry, resulting in stable and well-defined drug delivery systems with improved pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. It can also be used to functionalize the surface of nanoparticles or hydrogels with targeting moieties, such as antibodies or peptides, for enhanced specificity and efficacy.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP10131Propargyl-PEG2-azide169.18≥95% Pricing
AP10129Propargyl-PEG3-azide213.23≥95% Pricing
AP10130Propargyl-PEG4-azide257.29≥95% Pricing

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