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Branched PEG Maleimide is a type of functional group commonly used in drug research and development. This classification refers to a group of polyethylene glycol (PEG) molecules that have been modified with maleimide groups, which allow for covalent attachment to other molecules such as proteins or drugs. The branched structure of these PEG molecules also provides additional flexibility and stability compared to linear PEG molecules.

The use of Branched PEG Maleimide in drug development has gained significant attention in recent years due to their ability to improve drug solubility, circulation time, and targeting. The maleimide group can react with thiol groups found in proteins, peptides, and small molecules, enabling targeted drug delivery and enhancing the drug’s efficacy.

Branched PEG Maleimide

Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP11754N-Mal-N-bis(PEG2-amine) TFA salt430.5≥95% Pricing
AP11743N-Mal-N-bis(PEG2-acid)488.49≥95% Pricing
AP11760N-Mal-N-bis(PEG2-t-butyl ester)600.71≥95% Pricing
AP11755N-Mal-N-bis(PEG4-amine) TFA salt606.71≥95% Pricing
AP11758N-Mal-N-bis(PEG2-NH-Boc)630.74≥95% Pricing
AP11744N-Mal-N-bis(PEG4-acid)664.7≥95% Pricing
AP11747N-Mal-N-bis(PEG2-NHS ester)682.64≥95% Pricing
AP11759N-Mal-N-bis(PEG4-NH-Boc)806.95≥95% Pricing
AP12209N-(Mal-PEG6)-N-bis(PEG3-amine) TFA salt854.01≥95% Pricing
AP11748N-Mal-N-bis(PEG4-NHS ester)858.85≥95% Pricing
AP13284N-(NHS ester-PEG3)-N-bis(PEG3-Mal) 999≥95% Pricing
AP11756Tri(Mal-PEG2-amide)-amine1077.16≥95% Pricing
AP11757N-(Mal-PEG6)-N-bis(PEG7-TCO)1652.97≥95% Pricing
AP13285N-(t-butyl ester-PEG3)-N-bis(PEG3-Mal)958.1≥95% Pricing
AP13267N-(Mal-PEG6)-N-bis(PEG3-Boc)1054.3≥98% Pricing
AP13286N-(Mal-PEG4)-N-Fluorescein-PEG4-NHS ester1122.2≥96% Pricing

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