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Rhodamine dyes are used extensively in biotechnology applications such as fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and ELISA.  Rhodamine has been a widely used as fluorophore for preparing bioconjugates.

AxisPharm has a large collection of Rhodamine dyes and can custom synthesize rhodamine-conjugates with fast and high quality delivery.

Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
Rhodamine Dye
AP106245(6)-Carboxyrhodamine 110374.35≥95% Pricing
AP13774R110 azide, 6- isomer456.45≥95% Pricing
AP106235-Carboxyrhodamine 110 NHS ester471.42≥95% Pricing
AP106215(6)-Carboxyrhodamine 110 NHS ester471.43≥95% Pricing
AP106205(6)-Carboxyrhodamine 110 PEG3 Azide530.54≥95% Pricing
AP11137Fluorescein-DBCO665.72≥95% Pricing
AP11722N-(Azido-PEG2)-N-Fluorescein-PEG3-acid767.81≥95% Pricing
AP11724N-(Azido-PEG3)-N-Fluorescein-PEG3-acid811.86≥95% Pricing
AP11723N-(Azido-PEG2)-N-Fluorescein-PEG4-acid811.86≥95% Pricing
AP11725N-(Azido-PEG3)-N-Fluorescein-PEG4-acid855.91≥95% Pricing

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