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DBCO-PEG-acid Polymer PEGylation is a technique used to modify proteins, peptides, and other molecules by attaching a polyethylene glycol (PEG) polymer to them. This process is known as PEGylation and is used to increase the size of the molecule, reduce its immunogenicity, improve its pharmacokinetic properties, and/or increase its solubility. The DBCO-PEG-acid polymer is a particular type of PEG with a dibenzocyclooctyne (DBCO) moiety at one end, which can be used to attach the PEG polymer to a target molecule through a copper-catalyzed click reaction.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP13209DBCO-PEG-acid, MW 1K1000≥95% Pricing
AP13210DBCO-PEG-acid, MW 2K2000≥95% Pricing
AP13211DBCO-PEG-acid, MW 3.5K3500≥95% Pricing
AP13212DBCO-PEG-acid, MW 5K5000≥95% Pricing
AP13213DBCO-PEG-acid, MW 10K10000≥95% Pricing

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