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t-Boc-N-amido-PEG-OH (tBoc-NH-PEG-OH) is a heterofunctional PEG molecule containing an amino protecting group. One end contains a hydroxyl group and the other end contains a Boc-protected amine. The tert-butoxycarbonyl protecting group (t-boc) can be easily removed under acidic conditions to give the free amine. The hydroxyl group can be further derivatized into other compounds.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP14774tBoc-NH-PEG-OH, MW 1K1000≥95% Pricing
AP14775tBoc-NH-PEG-OH, MW 2K2000≥95% Pricing
AP14776tBoc-NH-PEG-OH, MW 3.5K3500≥95% Pricing
AP14777tBoc-NH-PEG-OH, MW 5K5000≥95% Pricing
AP14874tBoc-NH-PEG-OH, MW 7.5K7500≥95% Pricing
AP14778tBoc-NH-PEG-OH, MW 10K10000≥95% Pricing

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