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Acrylate PEG Amine (AC-PEG-NH2) is a heterobifunctional PEG derivative with acrylate and amine at both ends of the molecular chain. Acrylate can be polymerized with ultraviolet light or free radical initiators, and amine can be polymerized with carboxylic acid or NHS ester reaction. It is a useful crosslinker with a PEG spacer. Pegylation can increase the solubility and stability and reduce immunogenicity of peptides and proteins. It also inhibits the non-specific binding of charged molecules to the modified surface.

Acrylate PEG Amine

Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP14974Acrylate-PEG-NH2, MW 1K1000≥95% Pricing
AP14975Acrylate-PEG-NH2, MW 2K2000≥95% Pricing
AP14976Acrylate-PEG-NH2, MW 3.4K3400≥95% Pricing
AP14977Acrylate-PEG-NH2, MW 5K5000≥95% Pricing
AP14978Acrylate-PEG-NH2, MW 10K10000≥95% Pricing

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