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Thiol-PEG-Azide is a type of reactive functional group used in click chemistry. It is composed of thiol, polyethylene glycol, and azide groups. Thiol-PEG-Azide can be used as a linker molecule to attach two molecules together, making them more stable and allowing them to be used for various applications.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP12970Thiol-PEG1-Azide147.2≥95% Pricing
AP12971Thiol-PEG2-Azide191.25≥95% Pricing
AP10231Thiol-PEG3-Azide235.31≥95% Pricing
AP12972Thiol-PEG4-Azide279.36≥95% Pricing
AP10232Thiol-PEG5-Azide323.41≥95% Pricing
AP12973Thiol-PEG6-Azide367.46≥95% Pricing
AP12974Thiol-PEG7-Azide411.51≥95% Pricing

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