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Acid-PEG-TEMPO is a molecule that has gained significant attention in pharmaceutical research and development due to its unique properties and potential applications. It is a type of polymer that consists of polyethylene glycol (PEG) and a stable nitroxide radical called TEMPO. The acid in the name refers to a carboxylic acid group that is often added to the molecule for further functionalization.

The Acid-PEG-TEMPO molecule has several desirable characteristics, such as high solubility in water and organic solvents, stable free radical properties, and the ability to act as a redox catalyst. These properties make it an attractive candidate for a variety of pharmaceutical applications, including drug delivery systems, tissue engineering, and antioxidant therapy.

Moreover, Acid-PEG-TEMPO has also been studied for its potential to prevent oxidative stress-induced damage, which is implicated in many diseases, such as neurodegenerative disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. Its antioxidant properties make it a promising candidate for the development of therapeutics that could mitigate the negative effects of oxidative stress. Learn more about peg carboxylic acid offered by Axispharm.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP11657Acid-PEG5-TEMPO491.6≥95% Pricing

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