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Methoxy polyethylene glycol (M-PEG) acid is a synthetic polymer that contains functional groups such as methoxy and carboxylic acid. The methoxy group provides M-PEG acid with water solubility and biocompatibility, while the carboxylic acid group makes it amenable to chemical modifications and conjugation with other molecules.

In pharmaceutical research and development, M-PEG acid is widely used as a drug delivery system due to its ability to enhance the solubility and stability of poorly water-soluble drugs. It can also improve the pharmacokinetics and biodistribution of drugs by increasing their circulation time and reducing their clearance rate.

M-PEG acid can be conjugated with various targeting ligands such as antibodies or peptides, which enables selective delivery of drugs to specific cells or tissues, thus minimizing off-target effects and improving therapeutic efficacy. In addition, M-PEG acid can be used to prepare prodrugs, which are inactive compounds that can be converted into active drugs by enzymatic or chemical reactions in the body.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP11314m-PEG1-acid104.11≥95% Pricing
AP11315m-PEG2-acid148.16≥95% Pricing
AP11316m-PEG3-acid192.21≥95% Pricing
AP10149m-PEG2-CH2-acid chloride196.63≥95% Pricing
AP10147m-PEG2-acid chloride210.65≥95% Pricing
AP10179m-PEG4-acid236.26≥95% Pricing
AP10150m-PEG3-CH2-acid chloride240.68≥95% Pricing
AP10148m-PEG3-acid chloride254.71≥95% Pricing
AP10180m-PEG5-acid280.32≥95% Pricing
AP11317m-PEG6-acid324.37≥95% Pricing
AP11318m-PEG7-acid368.42≥95% Pricing
AP10181m-PEG8-acid412.47≥95% Pricing
AP11319m-PEG9-acid456.53≥95% Pricing
AP113263-(m-PEG8-ethoxycarbonyl)propanoic acid484.54≥95% Pricing
AP11320m-PEG10-acid500.58≥95% Pricing
AP10145m-PEG11-acid544.63≥95% Pricing
AP10182m-PEG12-acid588.68≥95% Pricing
AP11321m-PEG13-acid632.74≥95% Pricing
AP113273-(m-PEG12-ethoxycarbonyl)propanoic acid660.75≥95% Pricing
AP13447m-PEG16-acid764.9≥98% Pricing
AP11322m-PEG17-acid808.95≥95% Pricing
AP11323m-PEG24-acid1117.32≥95% Pricing
AP11324m-PEG25-acid1161.38≥95% Pricing
AP11325m-PEG37-acid1690.01≥95% Pricing

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