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Iodoacetamide-aliphatic-azide is a compound used in organic chemistry for the functionalization of aliphatic groups. This compound contains two functional groups, iodoacetamide and azide, which make it useful for a variety of applications in pharmaceutical research and development. The iodoacetamide group is commonly used for the covalent modification of proteins and peptides, while the azide group is used in click chemistry reactions to attach various molecules to the aliphatic moiety. In drug discovery, iodoacetamide-aliphatic-azide is used to synthesize drug conjugates, which can improve drug efficacy and specificity by targeting specific tissues or cell types. Furthermore, this compound can also be used in imaging studies, where the aliphatic group serves as a linker for fluorescent probes or imaging agents.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP13843Iodoacetamide Azide268.06≥95% Pricing

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