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AZD-Amido-Phenyl-Azide(Azetidine-Amido-Phenyl-Azide) is a molecule of interest in pharmaceutical research and development due to its unique functional groups and potential therapeutic properties. The molecule contains several functional groups, including an azide group, an amide group, and a phenyl ring.

The azide group is a highly reactive functional group that can participate in a variety of chemical reactions, including click chemistry, which has been widely used in drug discovery and development. The amide group, on the other hand, is an important structural motif found in many bioactive molecules and pharmaceuticals. The phenyl ring, a type of aromatic ring, is also commonly found in drugs and serves as a scaffold for the development of new compounds.

Azetidine-Amido-Phenyl-Azide’s potential therapeutic properties stem from its ability to interact with biological targets through the various functional groups on the molecule. In addition, its unique chemical properties make it a valuable tool in drug discovery and development, particularly in the synthesis of new compounds using click chemistry.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP11968AZD-Amido-Phenyl-Azide363.38≥95% Pricing

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