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DBCO-PEG-NHS ester is a versatile and widely used molecule in drug research and development. It is a compound that contains several functional groups, including a DBCO (dibenzylcyclooctyne) group, a PEG (polyethylene glycol) linker, and an NHS (N-hydroxysuccinimide) ester group. These functional groups make DBCO-PEG-NHS ester an excellent tool for drug delivery and bioconjugation applications.

The DBCO group in DBCO-PEG-NHS ester allows for rapid and selective coupling to azide-containing molecules through a highly specific click chemistry reaction. This characteristic makes it a valuable tool in drug research and development as it enables the efficient and precise labeling of proteins, peptides, and other biomolecules for a wide range of applications, including imaging, targeted drug delivery, and biomarker detection.

In addition, the PEG linker in DBCO-PEG-NHS ester provides several advantages, such as improved solubility, reduced immunogenicity, and increased circulation time of the drug conjugates. This is particularly important in drug development as it can enhance the efficacy and safety of the drug.




Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP11112DBCO-PEG1-NHS ester517.54≥95% Pricing
AP10317DBCO-NH-PEG2-NHS ester561.58≥95% Pricing
AP10030DBCO-PEG3-CH2CO-NHS ester591.61≥98% Pricing
AP11113DBCO-PEG4-NHS ester649.7≥95% Pricing
AP11117DBCO-NH-PEG4-NHS ester649.7≥95% Pricing
AP10318DBCO-NH-PEG5-NHS ester693.74≥95% Pricing
AP11114DBCO-PEG5-NHS ester693.75≥95% Pricing
AP13162DBCO-PEG6-NHS ester737.8≥95% Pricing
AP13164Sulfo DBCO-PEG3-NHS ester756.8≥95% Pricing
AP10319DBCO-NH-PEG7-NHS ester781.85≥95% Pricing
AP11115DBCO-PEG8-NHS ester825.91≥95% Pricing
AP11116DBCO-PEG12-NHS ester1002.12≥95% Pricing
AP10320DBCO-NH-PEG13-NHS ester1046.16≥95% Pricing
AP13163DBCO-PEG24-NHS ester1530.8≥95% Pricing

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