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Bromoacetamide-PEG Linkers are a class of chemical compounds that play a critical role in drug research and development. They are functional groups that consist of a polyethylene glycol (PEG) backbone and a bromoacetamide functional group. The PEG backbone provides solubility and stability, while the bromoacetamide group enables the linker to react with various biomolecules.

In drug development, these linkers are commonly used to attach a drug molecule to a delivery system, such as a liposome or antibody, which improves the drug’s efficacy and specificity. Furthermore, these linkers can be designed to respond to specific stimuli, such as changes in pH or enzymes, allowing for controlled drug release.

There are various types of Bromoacetamide-PEG linkers, including cleavable and non-cleavable linkers, depending on the desired release mechanism. Cleavable linkers can release the drug molecule in response to specific stimuli, while non-cleavable linkers provide a stable and permanent attachment.

Bromoacetamide-PEG linkers are versatile functional groups that are widely used in drug research and development. Their ability to attach drug molecules to delivery systems and respond to specific stimuli makes them a valuable tool in the development of targeted and controlled drug delivery systems.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP10949Bromoacetamide-PEG1-phosphate262≥95% Pricing
AP10950Bromoacetamide-PEG3-acetic acid328.16≥95% Pricing
AP10946Bromoacetamide-PEG1-amine TFA salt339.11≥95% Pricing

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