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TAMRA maleimide is a fluorescent dye that is widely used in pharmaceutical research and development. It is a maleimide derivative of the organic compound TAMRA (tetramethylrhodamine), which is commonly used as a fluorescent probe due to its excellent optical properties. TAMRA maleimide is a highly reactive molecule that selectively binds to thiol groups in proteins and peptides, making it a valuable tool for labeling and detecting biomolecules in complex biological systems.

One of the primary applications of TAMRA maleimide is in the study of protein-protein interactions, which play a crucial role in many biological processes. By conjugating TAMRA maleimide to a protein of interest, researchers can track its interactions with other proteins or molecules in real-time using fluorescence-based techniques. This can help to uncover important insights into the mechanisms underlying disease processes and aid in the development of new therapeutics.

Another important use of TAMRA maleimide is in the development of independent stations, which are small, portable devices that can be used to monitor and analyze biological samples in real-time. By incorporating TAMRA maleimide into the design of these devices, researchers can create highly sensitive and specific sensors that can detect the presence of specific biomolecules, such as proteins or nucleic acids, in a variety of biological samples.

TAMRA maleimide is a versatile and widely used fluorescent dye that has many important applications in pharmaceutical research and development. Its ability to selectively bind to thiol groups in proteins and peptides makes it a valuable tool for studying protein-protein interactions, while its use in independent stations allows for the development of highly sensitive and specific biosensors for a wide range of applications.

TAMRA maleimide

Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP12916TAMRA maleimide, 6-isomer552.58≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12915TAMRA maleimide, 5-isomer552.58≥ (95%) Pricing
AP13886TAMRA-PEG2-Maleimide640.70≥95% Pricing

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