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BDP R6G is a bright and photostable dye with long-lived fluorescence that is virtually pH-independent. Due to the long fluorescence lifetime, this dye can be used in fluorescence polarization assays and two-photon experiments. The fluorophore has an absorption and emission spectrum similar to that of R6G rhodamine.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP10644BDP R6G carboxylic acid340.13≥95% Pricing
AP12829BDP R6G alkyne377.2≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12834BDP R6G hydrazide390.62≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12831BDP R6G azide422.24≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12836BDP R6G NHS ester437.21≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12835BDP R6G maleimide462.26≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12830BDP R6G amine474.78≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12837BDP R6G tetrazine523.34≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12833BDP R6G DBCO640.53≥ (95%) Pricing

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