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BDP 650/665 is a boron-dipyrromethene dye with far-red excitation and emission. Compatible with Cy5 channels on many instruments. The dye has good molar extinction coefficient and emission quantum yield.

BDP 650/665

Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP13754BDP 650/665 DBCO≥95% Pricing
AP13755BDP 650/665 lipid stain461.27≥95% Pricing
AP12880BDP 650/665 alkyne470.28≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12881BDP 650/665 azide515.32≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12882BDP 650/665 maleimide555.34≥ (95%) Pricing
AP12883BDP 650/665 X NHS ester642.45≥ (95%) Pricing

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