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Fmoc-NH-PEG-Mal is a chemical compound that belongs to the class of polyethylene glycol (PEG) derivatives. This compound is composed of three functional groups: an N-terminal fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl (Fmoc) group, a PEG chain, and a maleimide (Mal) group at the C-terminus. These functional groups allow Fmoc-NH-PEG-Mal to be a useful tool in the field of pharmaceutical research and development.

The Fmoc group is commonly used to protect the amine group of an amino acid during peptide synthesis. The PEG chain can be utilized as a linker to modify or conjugate the compound with other molecules, while the Mal group is known for its ability to react with sulfhydryl groups (-SH) of cysteine residues in proteins via Michael addition, forming a stable thioether bond.

Fmoc-NH-PEG-Mal has been extensively used in the development of protein conjugates, including antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and protein-protein conjugates. The unique chemical properties of Fmoc-NH-PEG-Mal enable site-specific conjugation of the PEGylated molecule to the protein of interest, resulting in improved stability, enhanced pharmacokinetics, and reduced immunogenicity.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP15102Fmoc-NH-PEG-Mal, MW 1K1000≥95% Pricing
AP15103Fmoc-NH-PEG-Mal, MW 2K2000≥95% Pricing
AP15104Fmoc-NH-PEG-Mal, MW 3.4K3400≥95% Pricing
AP15105Fmoc-NH-PEG-Mal, MW 5K5000≥95% Pricing
AP15106Fmoc-NH-PEG-Mal, MW 6K6000≥95% Pricing
AP15107Fmoc-NH-PEG-Mal, MW 8K8000≥95% Pricing
AP15108Fmoc-NH-PEG-Mal, MW 10K10000≥95% Pricing
AP15109Fmoc-NH-PEG-Mal, MW 20K20000≥95% Pricing

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