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Thiol-PEG-phosphonic acid contains a thiol functional group (-SH) and a phosphonic acid group (-PO3H2) attached to the PEG chain. The thiol group is known for its ability to react with other molecules through disulfide bond formation, while the phosphonic acid group offers a negatively charged hydrophilic head.

Thiol-PEG-phosphonic acid has been extensively utilized in the development of drug delivery systems and biomaterials due to its unique chemical properties. The thiol group can be used for covalent attachment of drugs or targeting ligands, while the phosphonic acid group can facilitate the interaction with calcium ions and the formation of mineralized coatings on the surface of medical implants, leading to enhanced biocompatibility and reduced inflammatory response.

Thiol-PEG-phosphonic acid has been shown to enhance the cellular uptake of drugs and improve their efficacy. This can be achieved by conjugating the compound with drugs and using it as a carrier, which can increase the solubility and circulation time of drugs in the bloodstream. Additionally, the compound has been used for the development of smart drug delivery systems that can release drugs in response to specific stimuli, such as pH or temperature changes.

Thiol-PEG-phosphonic acid

Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP11815Thiol-PEG3-phosphonic acid274.27≥95% Pricing

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