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Pomalidomide-PEG-Acid is a chemical compound that combines the structural features of pomalidomide, a thalidomide analog, with a polyethylene glycol (PEG) chain and a carboxylic acid functional group (-COOH). This compound is a member of a class of molecules known as PEGylated drugs, which are widely used in pharmaceutical research and development for their ability to improve drug solubility, enhance stability, and prolong circulation time in vivo.

The PEG chain in Pomalidomide-PEG-Acid serves as a biocompatible and hydrophilic spacer, allowing the compound to circulate in the bloodstream for an extended period and evade the immune system. The carboxylic acid functional group, on the other hand, confers additional chemical versatility by providing a reactive site for covalent attachment to other molecules or surfaces.

Pomalidomide-PEG-Acid has been extensively studied in the context of cancer therapy. Its pomalidomide moiety is known to exert anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects, while its PEGylation enhances its pharmacokinetic properties. The carboxylic acid functional group can be used to conjugate the compound to targeting ligands or imaging agents, leading to enhanced tumor specificity and improved diagnostic accuracy.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP12995Pomalidomide-PEG3-Acid477.47≥95% Pricing
AP12396Pomalidomide-PEG4-Acid521.52≥95% Pricing
AP13000Pomalidomide-PEG5-Acid565.58≥95% Pricing

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