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Propargyl-aliphatic-Tos(Alkyne-aliphatic-Tos) contains an aliphatic carbon chain with a terminal propargyl group (-C≡CH) and a tosyl (tosylate) functional group (-SO2OCH3) attached to the aliphatic chain.

The propargyl group is known for its ability to undergo click chemistry reactions, a type of chemical reaction that enables fast and efficient coupling of two molecules with high selectivity and yield. The tosylate group, on the other hand, is a good leaving group that facilitates the substitution reaction of the aliphatic chain.

Propargyl-aliphatic-Tos has been widely used in the development of novel drugs and bioconjugates, particularly in the field of cancer research. Its unique chemical properties enable the covalent attachment of bioactive molecules, such as peptides and proteins, to the aliphatic chain via click chemistry reactions. The resulting conjugates exhibit improved stability, selectivity, and bioavailability, leading to enhanced therapeutic efficacy and reduced side effects.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP14319Hept-6-yn-1-yl 4-methylbenzenesulfonate266.40≥95% Pricing

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