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Propargyl-aliphatic-acid is a chemical compound that belongs to the class of aliphatic acids containing a propargyl functional group (-C≡CH).

The propargyl functional group of propargyl-aliphatic-acid allows it to participate in a variety of chemical reactions, including click chemistry and bioorthogonal chemistry. Click chemistry is a powerful synthetic tool that enables the rapid and efficient synthesis of complex molecules, while bioorthogonal chemistry allows for the selective labeling and detection of biomolecules in complex biological systems.

In pharmaceutical research and development, propargyl-aliphatic-acid has been utilized in the design and synthesis of novel drugs, particularly those targeting cancer and infectious diseases. Its ability to participate in click chemistry has been exploited to develop prodrugs, which are inactive compounds that can be converted into their active forms through specific chemical reactions. These prodrugs can enhance drug delivery, improve pharmacokinetics, and reduce toxicity.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP143178-Nonynoicacid154.20≥95% Pricing
AP11940Alkynyl Myristic Acid224.34≥95% Pricing
AP11941Alkynyl Palmitic Acid252.4≥95% Pricing
AP11942Alkynyl Stearic Acid280.45≥95% Pricing

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