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Mal-PEG-Tos contains two functional groups: a maleimide group (-Mal) and a tosyl group (-Tos) attached to the terminal ends of a PEG chain. The maleimide group is known for its ability to selectively react with thiol groups (-SH) in proteins and peptides, while the tosyl group provides stability and protection to the maleimide group during storage and handling.

Mal-PEG-Tos has been extensively utilized in the field of pharmaceutical research and development, particularly in the development of novel conjugates for targeted drug delivery. The maleimide group in Mal-PEG-Tos allows for the site-specific attachment of thiol-containing biomolecules, such as antibodies, enzymes, and peptides, to the PEG chain. This results in the formation of stable and biocompatible conjugates with improved pharmacokinetic properties and reduced immunogenicity.

The tosyl group in Mal-PEG-Tos provides additional stability and protection to the maleimide group during conjugation reactions, ensuring the specificity and efficiency of the reaction. The resulting conjugates exhibit enhanced therapeutic efficacy, reduced toxicity, and prolonged circulation time in vivo.


Cat# Name Structure M.W. Purity Pricing
AP14199Mal-PEG2-Tos339.4≥95% Pricing

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